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Sunday 10th October, 10 AM

This year we’re back on the beautiful Magog Down.
Scroll down to see what we’ve got lined up!

The course

First of all, if you don’t know where Magog Down is, here is how you get there.

All races start half-way up the hill at the North Down, in a staggered fashion. The 1k route is a single loop of the North Down. The 4k route also takes on the South Down. For 8k, well, just go around one more time.

1k Route

4k/8k Route

Ready to take up the challenge?

Registration for the 2021 Stapleford School Fun Run is now open!


Anyone who crosses the finish line (after having completed the race, that is…) will get a medal. But there are also some special prizes:

Top 3 Male and Female

These are for the speedy ones. But the bigger you are, the longer we expect you to run to earn one. So here’s the fine print:
1k – top 3 male and female up to the end of Key Stage 1.
4k – top 3 male and female up to the end of Key Stage 3.
8k – top 3 male and female (any age).

8k Team Prize

Why not get together with your friends and/or family and go for the Team Prize?
Step 1 – Come up with a cool team name (you’ll need this for registration).
Step 2 – Sign up as many people as you want in your team.
Step 3 – Run the 8k race. Fast. First three across the line count for the prize. We’ll simply add up their places, and whoever gets the lowest score wins.
Go on, you know you want to!

Best Fancy Dress

Nothing says fun run more than loads of runners in fancy dress. And in case you were hesitating, there’s a prize to be won! So bring your most elaborate, awesome or ridiculous-looking outfit, and stand out during the race so our judges can spot you.

Post race refreshments

We’re trying to minimise single-use plastics. So please bring your own water bottle. We’ll have a refill station.

Need to recover some of the calories lost during the race? The big kids in the school will have a cake stand near the finish line. OK, so we can’t promise that all the cakes will look as good as the ones below, but they’ll be yummy!

Photo by Meghan Rodgers on Unsplash

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