How donations are spent

Raising funds for
Stapleford Community
Primary School

Last years Fun Run brought in £4,900. Way to go you awesome bunch!
Here’s how the money raised in 2020 was spent.

2020 Olympics – cancelled. Euro 2020 – cancelled.
The 2020 Stapleford Community Primary School PTA Fun Run?? Well, we went virtual.

And you lovely people supported us all the way.

Last year we raised a record £4,900! And it’s all thanks to you – the runners, the supporters, the sponsors, the event partners…

Without you, the Fun Run simply wouldn’t, errrr, run. So a huge thank you to one and all.

Back in 2020, the initial thought for fundraising was to focus on maintaining the front playground. However, as 2020 started to unfold, these thoughts started to change. And like all the best plans during this topsy-turvy time, perspectives changed also.

So, just look what we have now. A super-duper, all-weather, bright blue running track. For the children of Stapleford Community, Primary School to enjoy for years to come!

2021 objectives

This year, all proceeds raised by the Fun Run will go towards getting the swimming pool back to former glory. Wouldn’t it be awesome to raise more than we did last year?

Built circa 1960, many a happy summer has been spent in the pool. But, being out of operation for a year, time has certainly taken its toll. So, what do you say? Can we get it back to sparkling form?

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