2020 Report

Like a new, all-weather, running track – life’s full of twists and turns.
But where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Due to you-know-who, 2020 was a special year for the Stapleford Fun Run. It was also a resounding success. And a clear sign that spirits remain high.

The main event was held at school, with each of around 200 school pupils running a dizzying number of laps around the back field. Running within their school years, and spurred on by the infatigable Mrs. Pugh, their efforts helped to raise an enormous amount of much needed funds for the school. They returned home with smiles on their faces and medals around their necks.

Adults and older kids also did their bit, doing a 5k run at a place and time of their choice. They shared their times, photos and stories with us, bringing their individual efforts into one virtual fun run. Distances were measured with varying degrees of accuracy, but we’re pretty sure everyone ran at least 5k. We thought Hannah Burton had overshot considerably (5.6k, and running with a buggy!) until we heard about Ellen Ayling and Emma Quinnell (former school pupils), who lost their way and ran around 8k! Speculations that the other Ayling family members purposely misled them to gain an advantage are totally unfounded. On the speedy end, Sullivan Smith recovered his 2018 title, but he better watch out: Matthew Smith (no relation; also former school pupil) is getting fast. At only 14 years of age he was comfortably below 18 minutes! Helen Zenner Branco was the fastest woman, over a tough Wandlebury course. In addition to Sullivan, fun run committee members Miguel, Tim and Jenny enjoyed the fact that they could actually take part this year, being relieved of their on-the-day organisational duties. Jo Harris made a return to running after a 3-year gap, friends Linsey and Elena were inspired to start doing routine Sunday morning runs, and Sean Crossan completed his first ever non-stop 5k, leaving this lovely message at the end. Also solid performances from Emma Horton, Kisia Gentle, and the ever present Mitchell family. Philippa Anderson was spurred own by her pacemaker-on-wheels Aisha, whilst Oliver Spain’s motivation came from an apparent act of delegation from our own Headteacher. Well done everyone!!

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