How donations are spent

Raising funds for
Stapleford Community
Primary School

Since 2020 the Fun Run has raised over £8,400. Way to go you awesome bunch! Here’s how those precious funds were spent.

2020 – Running Track

We got ourselves a super-duper, all-weather, bright blue running track. And the children love it! From PE lessons, the “daily mile”, or just fooling around during break times, there is no doubt the track has been helping to keep the children active and fit.

2021 – Swimming Pool Refurbishment

Built circa 1960, many a happy summer has been spent in the pool. But time took its toll, and the pool was in dire need of an overhaul. Thanks to you we got it back into shape (check out the before and after photos), just in time for some swimming lessons, and plenty of splashing in the summer.

2022 – Pool maintenance and kit

The Fun Run will continue to support the maintenance of our shiny (as good as) new swimming pool, to make sure it stays in shape. But there were also some leftover funds for new school kit, including a fancy tablet charging point, and outdoor learning equipment.

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